Kart Racing, Motor Sports Racing LED Displays


Kart racing is a motor sport road racing with open-wheel, four-wheeled vehicles known as go-karts.



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COSY ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS :Manufacturers of Customized Kart Racing, Motor Sports Racing LED Displays. Sports Score Board / Lap Counter. Other Use: Church Nursery Pager Display applications. Sounds pleasant bell with every change of number. Option to automatically increase or decrease numbers by pressing a single key or through a remote wired push switch included with system. LED Digital Clock Manufacturers in INDIA. Multi-function Digital Clocks. Token Display System With Voice. Wireless Token Calling System, Wireless Token Display System with Voice for Banks, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants. Manufacturer of Token Display System, Take a number system. Lap Count Displays, Score boards and laps counters, best lap counters for swimming. LED Digital Countdown Wall Clock Fitness Timer. Gym Clock, Timing Clock, Marathon Clocks, Rally Clocks, Race Clocks, Lap Counters.

About COSYCOM:We are an 35 years old multi product electronics goods manufacturing company, based in Dehradun India. We are supplying a large variety of different Home / Office automation systems , Test Instruments and electronic gadgets to our Indian and International clients worldwide. Our COSY brand is trusted by thousands of customers and electronics goods dealers all over India and abroad for high quality products. We specialize in manufacturing of all type of Customized LED stopwatches , Sports Rally Marathon Clocks/Token displays / Production Counters / Queue management systems and large sized LED clocks. 100's of varieties in Customized - LED GPS Clocks, Stopwatches, Counters & Electronic Digital Timers. COSYCOM INDIA.

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